Soy Diet and Black Bean Diet

Lose Weight
While Staying Healthy
Three Diet Methods

Ever wanted to try a SOY Diet?

If you are looking for one exclusive food source that provides all your daily nutrition requirements, then soybeans and black beans may be your best bet.

When you plan to diet with soy, Oriental doctors usually recommend consuming soy in combination with black beans.

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Black Bean Diet for Beautiful Skin, Strong Hair, and a Healthy Diet:

Black beans contain twice as much protein as beef does.

In addition, soybeans and black beans contain an abundance of Vitamins A, C, and E, calcium, and carbohydrates, plus all essential amino acids and isoflavones.

Additionally, the anthocyanins in black beans are directly linked to a reduced risk of obesity.

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SOY Protein Diet-Weight Loss Without Losing Muscle Mass

Compared with animal proteins, you can eat fewer quantities of soybeans and black beans and feel fuller for longer periods of time. You will also want to eat less food than usual while trying diet. Also, you will still keep your healthy, beautiful skin while losing weight.

The Soy diet and Black bean diet is also a popular diet in Korea. Many women succeed in this diet. Some people have lost 19-27 pounds in 3 months. The results may vary depending on people. Most people who try this diet methods have succeeded in some way. You can change or add the ingredients, but the main ingredients are soybeans or black beans.

Combining roasted soy and black bean powder with sesame seed powder is a good way to add protein into your diet. Additionally, black sesame seed powder will increase your intake of healthy fats. Powdered protein is easy to consume whenever you want to eat healthfully and are hungry.

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THREE SOY Diet and BLACK BEAN Diet Methods:

  1. Fermented SOY Powder (Chung-guk-jang(Natto) Powder)

  2. One popular soy diet involves eating fermented SOY Chung-guk-jang (Natto) powder.

    Powdered Chung-guk-jang (Natto) not only helps people lose weight, but also helps relieve severe constipation.

    The Chung-guk-jang (Natto powder) powder diet has helped many people in Korea.

    The easiest way to use powdered Chung-guk-jang (Natto) is to mix it in soymilk or milk.

    However, this soy diet may be too expensive for some.

    On the other hand, it contains countless enzymes that help cleanse your body.

  3. Soy Powder or Black Bean Powder with Black Sesame Seed Powder

  4. A simple and easy way to consume protein is to just mix it in soymilk or milk and add some honey to drink for your breakfast. This will provide satiety between meals and will help you eat less food.

    The best benefit of using this protein powder is that it is cost-effective. But you can also make protein powder at your home with a few ingredients.

    See How to make Homemade Roasted Soy and Black Bean Powder.

    If you prefer whole beans, below is a recipe you can try.

  5. Soymilk and Black Bean Diet:

    1. Prepare 100g of black beans and rinse them well.
    2. Soak one night, and boil them until they become tender.
    3. Mix black beans, and add one sliced apple or banana.
    4. Mix with soy yogurt or plain yogurt. (If you prefer, mix with your favorite yogurt, but avoid yogurts with significant amounts of sugar.)
    5. Eat with one cup of soymilk.

Eat it instead of cereal in the morning.

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