How to Grow Soy Sprout

If you like planting flowers, vegetables, or other plants outside, you will love growing soy sprout inside your house as well.

It contains lots of Vitamin C but doesn't contain Vitamin C in its soybean. Also, it is the best vegetable for cleansing toxins from alcohol.

Soybean sprout has high-content asparaginic acid that protects the liver by stimulating alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) to oxidize alcohol.

One bowl of soy sprout (100g) soup contains 800g of vitamin C. This abundant vitamin C will recharge your body and give you energy after heavy drinking.

You can buy it at Asian markets easily. However, you can also grow it at home for fun.

My family used to grow it in our house. I used to water it. It was a fun thing to do when I was young.

If you successfully grow soy sprout, send me a picture, and I will post it on the web-site.

How can you eat it? You can add it into salads (after steaming), stir-fry, soups, or mix it with rice, etc.

What you need to grow...:

  • 2-3 cup soybeans or black beans
  • A stainless strainer (used to help the seedlings start sprouting) or a large bowl
  • Wet fabric that will fit inside the strainer
  • Small piece of fabric
  • A medium-sized container that drains water well, like a plastic/ceramic pot for a plant
  • A big container that can collect water
  • Two sticks that can hold the medium-sized container when placed on top of the big container
  • A big piece of dark color or black fabric to cover all the containers

Option: Put cut hay or something in the bottom of the pot if the hole of a strainer is bigger than soybeans (No soil or fabric.)


First, you need good-quality small soybeans for soy sprout. Otherwise, they won’t sprout seedlings.

If seedlings don’t appear in two days, then the quality of your soybeans isn’t good enough for sprouting.

But if you see tiny seedlings/sprouts on your soybeans, the soybeans are of good quality.

  1. Rinse beans and soak about 6-8 hours. Don’t use soybeans with split skins.

  2. Place wet fabric in a small stainless strainer, and place the drained wet soybeans or black beans onto the strainer evenly. Cover the beans with the rest of the fabric. Cover the strainer with the black fabric. Leave it inside the house. Spray the beans with water if necessary, until you see seedlings on the beans.

    Or Place wet soybeans in a large bowl until you see seedlings (Apply some water if necessary).

  3. After you have seedlings, you can put them in the container that has a hole, so that the water will drain quickly. Make sure to have your filter in the pot before you put the seedlings inside.

  4. Place two long, even sticks (that can support the pot’s weight) horizontally over the big container. Put the pot on the sticks, allowing the water to drain quickly into the big container.

  5. If everything is set up right, you can just water the seedlings 4-6 times a day. Try to water them evenly, so that they all receive moisture. When watering soybeans, you can just re-use the collected water until it gets dirty; you don’t have to change the water every day.

  6. After watering, cover the seedling container with fabric. Over this fabric, use a bigger piece of black fabric to cover both containers, so that the sprout isn’t exposed to light. Soy sprout grows best in the dark.

  7. Set it up in a corner.

  8. After 5 days it is time to eat.
  9. Enjoy growing soy sprout!

How to Sprout Soybeans

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